Monologues for Auditions

If we can take a step beyond the crucial process of finding and securing the right representation for you and your Agent and focus on Auditions. Here we’d like to share a little expert advice on Monologues. You’ll often find during the audition process you’ll be called on to deliver a monologue, selecting the right piece is an important aspect of the delivery. There is an inexhaustible source of material a myriad of choice from TV, Film and Theatre, a blessing on occasions is to be served with a piece to be learnt more often than imagined you’ll be called on to deliver your own recitals. We would advise selecting a piece which best reflects your style and personality, obvious you would imagine but so often Actors will select the same (often over ambitious) pieces which do little to showcase their talents.

The Process works thus;
Select the correct piece for your audition (bear in mind the role your attempting to secure) Choose a piece which compliments your style and personality (often an Artist will be too ambitious in attempting to illustrate their extensive range and capabilities-remember the Casting Director has a role to fill-full stop!)

Once you’ve selected your piece know the character, understand how the scene sits with the other principles and rehearse, rehearse, rehears.

So I hear you ask yourself-where do I find the correct piece-it’s overwhelming.
Before we start you’ll quite often be sent ‘sides’ this is the actual script from the play, TV production, Play you’re auditioning for. The important point here is to give yourself a competitive advantage –very simple research the part (if possible –on occasions it’s a brand new script) rehearse, rehearse, rehears. OK but on many occasions I won’t see the script before the audition; again you can prepare for this by working with fellow actors. The process entails selecting approximately 10 scripts at random, have your partners select a couple as if picking from a deck of cards and practice. This simple exercise will programme and hone your skills-believe me it’ll give a competitive advantage.
Back to selecting the monologue. The resources are infinite and with Google there to assist it’s never been easier-and believe me some actors will not go to the same efforts and fail to be fully prepared. Another salient and obvious point seems to miss if you pick a film (for example) select a good one! No matter how well you recite Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 2 it’ll most probably not have the desired effect!

So remember when possible don’t just read the monologue read the whole play. It’s essential to fully comprehend where your character fits in the performance; where they’ve been and where they’re heading. Remember the Casting Director knows every scene. A good tip if you’re reading from a movie is bear in mind if the CD is looking for a mimic of the original performance (so often the case but with a twist which is an up-dated edgy version of the same) or for a reinterpretation. Quite often a script bears littler resemblance to the writer’s original vision once your proverbial Dustin Hoffman has re hashed it.

Life/careers often come down to a few moments, give yourself a chance.

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